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Week 4 - Daily Routine

posted 26 Jan 2013, 20:50 by Kristy Mulvihill
Well, we are back from our camping holiday and this week's theme was Daily Routine.  Our daily routine mainly consisted of playing, swimming & more playing.  The kids loved staying in the caravan park, being able to do basically whatever they wanted and making new friends.  We felt an instant connection and trust with one family in particular, although I'm sure they just felt sorry for me dealing with my tantrum-throwing kids on my own (hubby had to go back to work during the week and yes, I may have had a couple of tantrums of my own)!  My Mum came to stay for a night while we were there and I just love the photos I managed to capture with her and the kids even if they aren't 'technically' perfect.  Most days finished with an icy-pole on the riverbank, watching the boats and water-skiiers go past.  It's been very hard to come back to reality! 
The first collage of photos is what I entered in the Project.  The rest are just for fun, so you can have a little peak into our holiday :)