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Project 52 - final 2 weeks!!

posted 30 Dec 2012, 00:37 by Kristy Mulvihill
Wow!!!  I made it all the way through the M4H Project 52!  I thought for sure I'd give up at some point, but I didn't and now I'm at the end.....It was so much fun that I may just end up doing it again next year......

Week 51 - Red & Gold
Lots of red and gold on our tree this year, but my favourite decos by far are the ones my babies have made......

Week 52 - Celebrate
We are celebrating summer holidays :) While I'm not technically on holidays, the kids are and I love spending warm weekends outside with them.  And they especially love it when I set up the slip and slide for them!

And that my friends is the end of P52 for 2012.  I hope you've enjoyed the ride with me!