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Project 52 - catchup

posted 16 Dec 2012, 00:25 by Kristy Mulvihill
I know, I know, I have been extra slack of late!  I have been taking and entering my photos each week, but I just haven't gotten around to blogging them.  So it's time for me to play catchup from the last four weeks, starting with this week's entry.....

Week 50 - Indoors
Most of our indoor activities relate to Christmas at the moment.  This year we decided to buy a gingerbread train kit to decorate and, amazingly, all of the lollies actually ended up on the train!  I think the kids were taking great pride in their efforts today :)

Week 49 - Tradition
One of our traditions in the lead up to Christmas is making the family plum pudding, complete with old Australian threepence, shillings and sixpence.  My Nana makes this pudding every year, but we hardly ever get to spend Christmas with her anymore, so she passed on her recipe to me a few years ago.  I hope that my daughter will also be able to carry on this tradition in years to come :)

Week 48 - Thankful
I am thankful for the education that my baby is able to receive.  I love seeing her come home from school and write stories, page after page, and read books to herself at night.

Week 47 - Out and About
It's getting pretty hot here, so this weekend our 'out & about' was at my parent's motel pool.
"Please put the camera down Mummy so we can go swimming!!!"