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P/52 - Week One: Resolution

posted 1 Jan 2012, 23:56 by Kristy Mulvihill   [ updated 2 Jan 2012, 00:10 ]
Ok so I set myself a challenge this year.  I am embarking on a Project 52 which involves taking a photo a week for the whole year and we can use a theme each week if we want to.  The theme for this week is Resolution.  I thought long and hard about this one as I have a few goals I wanted to achieve this year, but I did find something that ties it altogether and that is STRENGTH.
I came about this word initially due to the fact that I am starting strength training with a personal trainer next week.  And she has been talking food goals with me as well and I know I will need a whole lot of inner strength to see that through (remember I mentioned I'm a fussy eater on my website?)!  But I also want to inject strength into myself and my business.  I want to grow this year and become a better person, better photographer and overall have a well-balanced life.
So this is the photo I chose to represent my resolution and I hope you enjoy the next 52 weeks with me!  Here's to strength for everyone in 2012!!!

By the way, there will be a small snippet of Christmas pics coming to the blog soon - the editing never ends!!