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November 16, 2011

posted 16 Nov 2011, 02:52 by Kristy Mulvihill   [ updated 16 Nov 2011, 15:25 ]
Wow! So here I am!  New business, new website, first blog entry!!  It is all finally coming together.  I have to say a massive thanks to my sister Stacey & her husband Andrew for putting up with my constant emails and phone calls to get this website happening.  I'm sure they were groaning everytime the phone rang at night because they knew it would be me again!  I should also say thanks to Jessica from Designish for her fantastic work designing my logo.  Now that's done, back to some photos......
So I thought for my first entry I would share some pics  of my family from a couple of weeks ago.  Kids just love sand, don't they?  While it was my idea to stop at the Sandhills for some photos, I wasn't overly thrilled with the amount of sand that was brought back into my car!