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Lizzy + Steve

posted 1 Jan 2014, 02:21 by Kristy Mulvihill   [ updated 1 Jan 2014, 02:22 ]
My last wedding for 2013 was the wedding of Lizzy & Steve and what a wedding to finish up on!  Lots of small details went into this wedding, even the kids had an activity box featuring a handmade activity book which included a maze page of Steve needing to find his way to Lizzy, their wedding cake which they needed to decorate, etc.  It was such a great idea and I'm sure it kept the kids busy for much of the night.
Lizzy & Steve were married at the Sacred Heart Church and their reception was held at the Inland Botanic Gardens which seemed to be the perfect size for their wedding.
I have lots of favourites from this wedding so be warned this post may be a little more image heavy than normal!