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Jess + Larry

posted 15 May 2016, 04:41 by Kristy Mulvihill   [ updated 15 May 2016, 04:43 ]
What a day these two had!  I've realised these guys like surprises and not always big surprises, sometimes it's those little super meaningful surprises.  On their wedding day, Jess went for one of those really big surprises and to see the emotions Larry felt was just beautiful.  I wish Jess could have been there, but I guess she'll just have to make do with my photos.  You see she bought Larry the ute he wanted and had it waiting for him where he was getting ready on the morning of the wedding.
The boys then surprised the guests by arriving on motorbikes, and one of the groomsmen surprised everyone by ripping his pants as he got off the bike!  And of course how else would the day end but with a surprise dance by the bridal party for all the guests.
In between all of this was some really genuine moments of love and happiness between Larry and Jess.  These two were made for each other and it was really obvious to everyone around them.  You guys are a beautiful couple and deserve all of the happiness that just exudes from you both xx