10 things to know about Kristy Mulvihill:

I LOVE my family!  They are my everything, my world.                                                                                         

I am addicted to Diet Coke (and maybe choc flavoured milk!).

My sisters and I (there are three of us) were all born on the 28th of different months – March, April & May.

I am (or used to be) a cross-stitch freak.  Even though my last project hasn’t been touched in months – I’ll get back to it one day!  

(photo courtesy of Lisa Leek)
                                                           I love trashy tv, the trashier the better.  Think Jersey Shore, Big Brother, Real Housewives, I just can't get enough of it.

My family nickname is Twit.  Long story, but it really doesn’t involve me being a twit!

I am a very fussy eater.  Those that know me will be nodding in agreement.  I have now decided to say that I have sensitive tastebuds!

I love to read novels, however these days I can only read a couple of pages at a time before I fall asleep.  I blame it on the kids waking me up too early in the morning, nothing to do with how long I stay up editing on the computer.

http://www.heartfelt.org.au/Resources/Pictures/Heartfelt_MemberLogo.jpg I am a member of the organisation Heartfelt.  Heartfelt is a volunteer organisation of professional photographers from all over Australia dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families that have experienced stillbirths, premature and ill infants in the Neonatal  Intensive Care Units of their local hospitals, as well as children with serious
and terminal illnesses.  Heartfelt is dedicated to providing this gift in a caring, compassionate manner.  All services are provided free of charge.  For more information please visit  www.heartfelt.org.au

I love love love taking photos of people.  I want to capture those special moments and expressions for you to have forever - let me help you remember your life!  I hope that you have as much fun looking through the photos as I had taking them.  Thanks for taking the time to look through my website and getting to know me and my style!

Kristy xx